Hertz NeverLost® Navigation System

Drive with confidence, no matter where you are. No more fumbling with maps, hunting for street signs or having to ask for directions. There's less wasted travel time for business renters and more peace of mind for leisure renters. The Hertz NeverLost navigation system shows and tells you how to get wherever you want to go.

Hertz NeverLost® Companion - Mobile App

The perfect app for business and leisure travelers; the itinerary lets you build your trip and arrange attractions and activities by date and time. With Hawaii, Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami – West Palm, New York, Sacramento – Northern California, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco – Bay Area, Washington DC, Boston available and more coming soon, all including vibrant images and audio clips for hundreds of the must-see attractions, excursions and activities. Sharing your adventures via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and e-mail keeps you connected to your social network. Download the free Hertz NeverLost Companion application, available now on iOS and Android.

Online Trip Planning (OTP)™

When renting the Hertz NeverLost navigation system, use NeverLost Online Trip Planning to pre-plan your trip and send it to the NeverLost. Visit www.neverlost.com to get started.

Turnkey Engineering, Installation and Logistics Services

Navigation Solutions provides turnkey engineering, installation and logistics services to Hertz at key airport locations and select Hertz Local Editions, including installation of the Hertz NeverLost system and other in-vehicle products.

Product Support and Concierge

With the NeverLost rental – The customer receives free Travel Support at 1-800-823-2547. Our personal service Product Support team will assist the customer in entering their destinations into the NeverLost system as well as walk through all the features of the NeverLost. We provide Concierge Service to assist in finding great places to visit on the selected trip, as well as secure reservations for the traveler. Our Online Trip Planning website at www.neverlost.com allows the NeverLost customer to plan and download their trip ahead of time before renting the Hertz vehicle. We provide technical assistance using the Online Trip Planning website to create a customized trip. We also provide a service where Product Support can "Build a Trip" for the customer. All NeverLost systems have USB capability, and some feature wireless connectivity to www.neverlost.com. We offer translator assistance for any language and will assist the customer in reaching their destination worry free. Contact us at 1-800-823-2547 Product Support is only a phone call away and the agents remain on the phone until the customer's concerns are resolved.